How does Socks Manufacturing work?

In short, custom socks manufacturing can be easy:

You have a sock design, and we will make it into real socks.

However, in the sock production end, we as a socks manufacturing factory have to consider lots of things such as:

  1. Yarn choice, yarn color accuracy, knitting machine needles,
  2. Sock sizes, weight, production lead time, sock quality inspection,
  3. Sock packaging and private labeling,
  4. Import tax and VAT, international delivery, … etc.

Click if you want to know more about the detailed socks mfg process.

You probably find it too complicated, BUT DON’T WORRY,  MeetSocks’s one-stop socks manufacturing solution make things easier, just tell us your requirements and we will do all the rest for you.

Please follow the following guidelines and tell us your requirements!


Design socks and packaging


Confirm order details like yarn and size


Sampling & Approval of samples


Pay xx% upfront before production


Bulk production and private labelling


Pay for the balance


Arrange lading and shipping