Minimum order quantity custom socks

Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Socks Using Different Yarn

Minimum order quantity has always been the first thing asked by our new clients, especially for start-up sock business.

Honestly speaking, as a socks manufacturing factory, MeetSocks have been long producing socks in big quantities, we now produces 30,000 pairs of socks everyday and 85% of them are for big-scale customers (mainly importers at European and American countries). However in recent years we see the trend that custom sock business are growing rapidly around the world, while young entreprenuers are struggling at finding a sock factory with low MOQs.

MeetSocks see the potential in such small but beautiful business and want to help by offering premium quality socks and satisfying communicating service.

Our minimumm order quantites for different sock yarn:

[BIG CHANGE on custom sock minimum ordering quantity]

We now only start form 100 pairs per model (each sock design and size is taken as a model). Thanks to our flexible production line we have made it much easier for small order of custom colored socks! For small brands, gifts, team-building, brand-awareness, give-away, etc.

Updated on 2020.09.09

YarnMOQs (in pairs)YarnMOQs (in pairs)
Regular Cotton1,000Wool3,000
Combed Cotton1,000Bamboo3,000
Merceized Cotton3,000Polyester1,000

Note that the MOQs are for each design, which means that if you have 10 designs, the MOQs will be 10*1,000=10,000 pairs in total.

Read more about socks manfacturing and custom sock designs:

29 replies
  1. Diona Mills
    Diona Mills says:

    Good Morning

    My name is Diona Mills and I am considering starting a sock line for compression socks. I wanted to gain information about the following provided by your company.

    1. How are sock designs submitted to your company.

    2. What is the turnaround time for sock completion.

    3. What are minimum order quantities for each design and each order (if different).

    4. What are the average costs of production?

    5. What is the percentage of payment required before beginning the order?

    Any information is appreciated.


    • Waheed
      Waheed says:

      Hi I have socks business in United state and I am ordering sock from different companies for good prices I am trying to purchase some from your company to see how the quality and pricing work, contact me for more info it will be pleasure to go forward in business thanks.

  2. Guillermo A. Nunez
    Guillermo A. Nunez says:


    Are you shipping to Puerto Rico, US Territories???

    We can request a MOQs of 500, considering we a start-up socks online store???


      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Guillermo,

      Thanks for your interest in our company, however your ordering quantity seems small for us. Maybe you can try some other small customization companies.


  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hello! I just want to start a sock business but I am new here, just wondering if this business fits me. If I have 10 designs that makes it 10,000 pairs…how much would it cost? A r sponsor would be highly appreciated. Thank you

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Jane,

      We are sorry. We are shorthanded these days, trying to hiring more people.
      I am afraid we can’t serve you now.

      Sorry again.

  4. Hussain Safar
    Hussain Safar says:


    I was wondering regarding the minimum order, how many designs can I include in the 1000 pairs? Or the 1000 pairs have to be of the same design?

      • Olumide
        Olumide says:

        Hi, I am from Nigeria. I would like to order the stock. Can you let me know the minimum quantity to place the order.
        Can I get some samples before the order.
        Can you assign one person to discuss more on the business.

        Please, i have no prior knowledge about the different socks materials; you might need to enlighten me on that.


        • MEETSOCKS
          MEETSOCKS says:

          Hi Olumide,

          Thanks for leaving a message, our MOQ is 100 pairs per model, and yes we offer samples for your approval before moving into bulk production.
          For further information, you can contact [email protected] for more information.

          Best regards,
          MeetSocks Team.

  5. Pj
    Pj says:

    Hello I would like Cotton breathable socks with spandex and tight top. I’ll need 3 sizes and 3 designs 1000 each 3 sizes. Can I gat a private contact person

  6. Dev
    Dev says:

    Hi,I am from India. I would like to order the stock. Can you let me know the minimum quantity to place the order. Can I get some samples before the order. Can you assign one person to discuss more on the business.

  7. Kris Tompkins
    Kris Tompkins says:

    I would like some more info regarding a start up sock business, what I would need to be able to get started with you manufacturing the socks. Prices, MOQs, and anything else you can think of. Thanks.


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