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Custom Sock Design Template Kit – Free Downloads

MeetSocks make OEM socks, and we receive designs directly from our clients. However, sometimes the designs are not easy to read thus lead to misunderstandings and wasted time and work. Recently we have been asked many times for a custom sock design template, and finally, we got our whole Custom Socks Design Template Kit done, we hope it will save our clients a lot of time and effort, especially for newly start-ups, and of course, you are always free to use your original templates.

The Custom Sock Design Template Kit

Our specially-customized sock design template kit contains the following files:

  • 0_Custom_Sock_Design_Guidelines;
  • 4_Order_Details_Confirmation.xlsx;


 Acknowledgement: Some of the templates are revised from files provided by SockClub.

Download the custom sock design template kit!

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If you would have any questions regarding custom socks manufacturing, leave a comment below and we will be very pleased to help!


This is actually a shortcut and redirects to our post on the guidelines of custom sock design, make sure you follow the suggestions before you work on your custom sock design.

The flat design is the first thing that you want to put your hands on. Create your unique patterns here and then move on to the mockup template. You will find the mockup has automatically updated according to your flat design pattern.

Custom sock flat design template

This is the mockup file for your flat design pattern, to use this template, follow the following steps:

  1. Once you finish the flat design, the mockup file should update automatically (if not please link the flat design pattern to corresponding layers manually);
  2. Find your loved colors using Pantone C, Pantone U, or Pantone TCX colors (TCX colors are recommended, read the post below);
  3. Assign your Design No.(top left corner) if you have several designs;
  4. Save.

The custom socks design mockup template looks like this when opened in Adobe Illustrator:

Custom sock mockup template

Instead of using tags to private label your socks, you can choose to use custom bands.

*We don’t need the band design at sampling stage, either. We just need it before bulk production.

Custom sock band design template

Custom sock bands looks like this when attached to socks;

custom sock band label idea

The custom socks tag template is rotated to be horizontal here and in Adobe Illustrator you will find it vertically aligned. Note that the front and back of the tag are of different dimensions to create a nicer view effect, and of course you can make them in the same length.

* If you haven’t decided on the tag design, it’s okay because in the sampling stage we don’t need it. Just show us the tag design before we move into bulk production.

Custom sock design template-tags

The custom tag will be attached to each pair of socks, here is how it should look like:

effect of custom sock tags


The order confirmation spreadsheet is important because it shows all the details of your order, such as ordering quantity, yarn composition, sock size, shipping conditions, etc.

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      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Alejandra,

      You can actually choose whatever material you like. We are nearer the biggest yarn distribution zone in the world, typically we can get whatever yarn. The premise is that you have a big order of socks to produce.

      Feel free to reach out at

  1. Wale johnson
    Wale johnson says:

    I’m looking to start my own sock business and I’m needing some help, with getting product, and as well going about producing merchandise any info will be greatly appreciated

  2. Kaamil
    Kaamil says:

    Good morning.
    Can you please let me know what’s your minimum order ? Price ? And shipping to south korea?
    Thank you

  3. killian
    killian says:

    Greetings from uganda. how much dollars will it cost me to purchase a stock of 2,000 pairs of sport socks and to transport upto here?
    give me the all quotation. my email is [email protected]. kind regrads

  4. Liam Baxter
    Liam Baxter says:

    I have downloaded the design kit but can not access it or get it to work. How do i fix this.

    Cheers Liam

  5. Ita bassey
    Ita bassey says:

    Looking into starting an online sock store in Nigeria I ‘ve designs idea I want to start with I need your assistance in showing me how to go about it

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Sorry Erycah,

      Due to the unexpected business booming in custom socks, we are shorthanded here, to maintain service quality we have to say no to some of our customers.
      We are recruiting more people, but it takes quite amount of time for enough training and experience.

      Hope you understand, thanks

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Rachel, the link is still there, would you please check again?
      Subscribe in the box again and the link will popup again


  6. Mick Millman
    Mick Millman says:

    I’ve subscribed and gone to the Dropbox but your website isn’t on there. Please can you send a link to this email address? Many thanks Mick

  7. Tusiime Kevin
    Tusiime Kevin says:

    Hello, since I’m just starting out, I won’t be able to afford your minimum quantity. However, do you have any small manufacturer you could recommend that does small orders?

  8. Muchacho
    Muchacho says:

    Additionally I would like to ask you guys, whether my personal designs will be used by your firm as well (except the production on my request of course) or put online by you, or used in any other thinkable way? I would appreciate your answer, thank you for your time!

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    I would like to know what will be the price per pair, for an order of 2000 pairs. High knee socks to be precise.Also what would be the cost of shipping to Greece.If you don’t want to answer this here please send me an email.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Margrethe Skourup
    Margrethe Skourup says:


    How much dollars will it cost me to purchase a stock of 1,000 pairs of sport socks and to transport to Greenland and to Denmark?

    Can you give me the all quotation.

    My email is [email protected]

    Best Regard – Margrethe

  11. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    Hi please forward me custom crew template
    What is the price abd is your current MOQ 1000?
    Do you have sample socks?
    Do you work with bamboo?

  12. Shay
    Shay says:

    Hi I been trying to contact the company to inquire about my brand. I have been unsuccessful with getting in contact with you. I also was not able to download the free sketch template. Please assist me!

  13. Chris Watson
    Chris Watson says:

    Is it possible to get the socks with our personal custom logo or font embedded into the socks, or is it only pattern designs?

  14. Annmarie Connolly
    Annmarie Connolly says:

    hi from Ireland,
    want to start my own business and lookingbto have socks made woth embroidery design on it.
    do u do this?

  15. Nabeel
    Nabeel says:

    Good day. Please email me at the provided email. Please send a catalogue of designs, with the pricing per unit of your MOQ. Thank you

  16. If I choose to do distribution first, what's the minimum order of quantity. Your responses hacecanswered a lot of questions I had. Keep it up
    If I choose to do distribution first, what's the minimum order of quantity. Your responses hacecanswered a lot of questions I had. Keep it up says:

    What’s the MOQ for distribution order

  17. Shidramayya Hiremath
    Shidramayya Hiremath says:

    Hi Meetsocks team
    Wish you happy DEEPAVALI Festival of Lights from India
    I want to start small scale socks production industry in India
    Me & my son both master degree holders in Textiles
    You are highly appreciated if you guide something on this socks marketing
    +91 8437939494
    [email protected]

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Shidramayya,

      Thank you very much for this. However honestly we are not familiar with Indian market and I am afraid we can’t help much.
      Here is just an simple idea: One can’t afford to pay much for renting in big malls with a small brand, so I believe it’s best to open an online store (based on that the Internet is very advanced in India), and ask some publishers/Vloggers on TikTok, Instagram or whatever platform to promote your branded socks.

      Hope this helps and best wishes!
      MeetSocks Team from China.

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hi Tisha,

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      The link will just pop up in the same website, you don’t have to loop in the mail box.
      To make things easier, I will send a link to your email address now.

      MeetSocks Team.

      MEETSOCKS says:

      Hello Yihru,

      Basically when you subscribe to the list the download link pops up.
      We will send the link to your email box in short.

      MeetSocks Team

  18. Christos Balesdravos
    Christos Balesdravos says:

    Hello, I am interesting for 10000 pairs, 100 different designs of cotton socks! Is this possible and also could you email me your prices! Thank you!


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