Custom Sock Size Reference

MeetSocks as a sock factory do not have any restrictions upon custom sock size, just let us know your measuring dimensions and we will custom socks according to your requirements. However we do have a recommeded sock size reference illustration as show in the picture below:

Custom Sock Size Reference Illustration (Recommened)

Sock size reference illustration

For example, usually when we make one-size-fits-all socks for US clients, the sock size regarding the above reference illustration is shown in the table below:

One-size-fits-all sock size reference

The custom sock size specifications need to be confirmed in the MeetSocks_Order_Confirmation sheet in the Custom Sock Design Kit, you can download the design kit via the post below:

Custom Sock Design Template Kit – Free Downloads

MeetSocks make OEM socks, and we receive designs directly from our clients. However, sometimes the designs are not easy to read thus lead to misunderstandings and wasted time and work. Recently we have been asked many times for a custom sock design template, and finally, we got our whole Custom Socks Design Template Kit done, we […]


We actually don’t recomend this because this “regular sock size table” only specifies the foot length of the socks, but this is usually good for end customers to know which size of sock they should choose. So we are also posting this table.

Regular Sock Size Table @ Foot Length
MenEUUKUSAFoot Length in CMFoot Length in Inches
WomenEUUKUSAFoot Length in CMFoot Length in Inches
KidEUUKUSAFoot Length in CMFoot Length in Inches

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