Basic and general ideas of socks, some knowledge about sock size, weight, custom design, composition, etc. Other information about how to ship socks and how to keep socks in good condition will be shared, too.

Sock knitting detail-socks manufacturing

Detailed Socks Manufacturing Process

Socks manufacturing is not a high-tech industry, but it involves…
Minimum order quantity custom socks

Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Socks Using Different Yarn

Minimum order quantity has always been the first thing asked…
Sock size reference illustration

Custom Sock Size Reference

MeetSocks as a sock factory do not have any restrictions upon…
Ship socks by air freight

Best ways to [ship socks from China]

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jacquard socks knitting machine-socks manufacturing machine

Confirm Your Custom Socks Order Details

Outsourcing socks is a wise decision especially when it comes…
make your own custom sock designs to start a sock sbusiness

How to Start a Socks Business/Store?

Firstly, you should agree with that a socks business is about…
Sock yarn color options

What are Sock Materials (Socks Yarn)

You may wonder what's behind a beautiful pair of socks. Well,…