Custom Sock Service Introduction


Brief introduction of custom sock service offered by MeetSocks, an original sock manufacturer in China

MeetSocks was initially a sock factory producing socks for importers and big brands, in recently years we have also been seeing a huge demand in small custom socks, so we opened a flexible sock production line back in 2017. With more than 2 years of operation, we have managed to decrease the minimum ordering quantity from 1,000 pairs to 100 pairs per design per size, as a result of our process-wise lean management throughout the custom sock workflow, it did help a lot of small business get started with much smaller investment. Although the profit is small compared to our original sock OEM business, but we do feel proud of it.

We have over 500 colors of yarn in stock for your choice and we offer physical samples to customers for approval before every batch of bulk production. Below please find a brief introduction of our one-stop custom sock manufacturing service, In a word, we accept both big orders(for sock importers or distributors), and small orders(for small business/independent brands).
[Update on June, 2021]
Now as the business keeps growing for our flexible line (which allows minimum ordering quantity of custom socks from 100 pairs per design per size), we have hired a designer to help customers make unique designs. Here is what we are currently offering regarding sock designs:
  • Digitalize your hand-drawing: When you already have an idea of the sock but you are not familiar with graphic software, our designer will help with the digitalization, for this service we charge 30$.
  • Create unique designs from scratch: We can create a series of unique designs based on your brand personalities, for this the design fee is much higher, depending on details.


Custom Sock Made Easy, by MeetSocks Team

Simply send us a graphical sock design and we will knit colorful yarns into real socks!

Sock design

You can design your sock in whatever software and send us a high-resolution *.pdf file (Our design templatehere).

  • Socks are knitted from different color of yarn using jacquard process, so your design shouldn’t contain any gradient effects;
  • [suggested] Less than 6 colors in a single sock design;
  • leave enough space for each color block so that the knitting looks smooth;

Sock Material

  • For small orders: Cotton, Nylon, Spandex, Elastane are supported;
    • Normally 80%Cotton+17%Nylon+3%Elastane (Featured composition based on our experience);
  • For big orders(>10,000 pairs): No limitations;

Minimum Ordering Quantity

100 pairs per design per size.

Machine Stitches

  • For small orders: 200N (finest stitch);
  • For big orders: 96N, 144N, 168N, 200N all supported;

Custom Packaging

  • Tags or custom wrap bands both supported (related posthere);
  • Special barcodes can be installed based on your requirements;

International Delivery

We are based in China and the logistic network is quite efficient!

  • Express delivery: Door-to-door, we will take care of exporting and importing documents, import taxes covered typically for small orders;
  • Sea shipping: for big orders;

General Process

  1. Order detail confirmation
    • Agreement on sock designs, sizing, packaging, delivery, etc;
    • Quotes ;
  2. Sampling & Sample delivery & Sample approval/revisions
    • Sampling fee 100USD per design + International delivery fee 30USD, note that the sampling fee will be waived upon bulk production;
    • MeetSocks start sampling based on your design, 5-7 days;
    • International sampling delivery, 3-7 days;
    • You can approve the samples or ask us to make revisions;
  3. Bulk Production
    • 50% upfront to start bulk production;
    • Production(socks+packaging) finished, 7-10 days for small orders, finished bulk photos will be sent to you;
    • 50% balanced paid;
  4. International delivery
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